About Me and Why I Started This Website

One of my favorite parts of going on vacation is planning the trip. I love to see what is out there before we ever pack up the car – restaurants, historical sites, and cool locations. My fear in traveling is to come home from vacation and have someone ask “Did you see this or that?” and having to say “No, I didn’t know the biggest ball of aluminum foil ever created was only 20 minutes from where we were.” I’ve actually had that happen. Someone asked if we ate at a world famous restaurant that was only a 30 minute drive from our location and I disappointingly had to say “No…no we didn’t get a chance to eat there.” But, then I just see it as another reason to go back!


But all kidding aside, we really do try and see the most fun and popular sites a city or town has to offer, the places and restaurants that are not to be missed. We also love to find the places that are off the beaten path. More often than not, we take road trips instead of flying and have stumbled upon some of the lesser known locations, restaurants, and stores just by driving around and exploring, and these places become our must do’s when we are in the area again.


Whether you are planning a trip or just dreaming about traveling somewhere (as I often do), my hope is that you can take the information I can provide and plan a great adventure of your own.