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When you walk through Lambeau Field, you get a real sense of the power of the Green Bay Packers legacy and the important history of the team. You understand why there is so much loyalty to this team and why traditions are upheld throughout time. From the town being stakeholders in the team to the Lambeau Leap to the incomparable Vince Lombardi, you can see just by touring through this facility why the Green Bay Packers are known as one of America’s favorite teams.


489px CurlyLambeauNotreDame - Lambeau Field

Curly Lambeau, co-founder of the Green Bay Packers



Early Packers History


Curly Lambeau. Brett Favre. Ray Nitschke. Bart Starr. Reggie White. Jerry Kramer. Vince Lombardi. Willie Davis. Don Hutson. All of these names are synonymous with the Green Bay Packers franchise. Many of these men and coaches played during the muddy, hard-hitting, leather helmet wearing days of early football. They played the sport before the days of million-dollar contracts and lucrative endorsement deals.

Curly Lambeau was there from the start and on August 11, 1919, he formed the Packers team by borrowing $500 from his employer, the Indian Packing Company, to purchase uniforms and equipment. One year later, Acme Packing Co bought out Indian Packing.

That same year, the American Professional Football Association was formed in Canton, OH. So, when the Packers were inducted into the APFA on August 27, 1921, they were known as the Acme Packers. Just a short time later in 1922, the APFA changed its name to the National Football League.


lambeau field pro shop outside packers 680x1024 - Lambeau Field

Packers Pro Shop at Lambeau Field



lambeau field pro shop outside 2 packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field



Entrance and Atrium


When you arrive at Lambeau Field, park by the pro shop and atrium entrance that faces Lombardi Avenue. The statues of Vince Lombardi and Curly Lambeau are outside of this entrance. When you enter through the atrium doors, you will see the 1919 Kitchen and Tap restaurant and the Hall of Fame front desk on the left.

You will purchase your stadium tour tickets at the Hall of Fame front desk. The restaurant has a large selection of meats, salads, and sandwiches. If you are short on time, at least grab a plate of cheese curds and a beer. It is Wisconsin, after all!


lambeau field statues lombardi 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Statues of Lambeau and Lombardi



lambeau field statue vince lombardi 768x1024 - Lambeau Field

Statue of Vince Lombardi



lambeau field statue vince lombardi bio 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Vince Lombardi Plaque



lambeau field welcome sign packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field Atrium



lambeau field packers banner 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field Atrium



DSC 0476 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

1919 Kitchen and Tap Restaurant



lambeau field 1919 kitchen and tap menu 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

1919 Kitchen and Tap Menu


Stadium Tours


There are several tours to choose from that offer different viewing options. Each tour starts in the atrium, offers views of premium seating areas on the east side of the stadium, and allows you to walk across the concrete slab that was originally in the Packers tunnel that ran from their locker room to the field. All the great players from 1957-2003 walked across these 3 pieces of concrete.

When the stadium was renovated in 2003, Coach Mike Sherman had the concrete slabs moved to the new players’ tunnel so that the newer generation of Packers could walk in the footsteps of the earlier generations. The tours also allow you to walk through the players’ present-day tunnel and onto the entrance of the arena. Here, you will have the opportunity to have a picture made while standing right by the football field. All of these opportunities are available on the Classic tour.


lambeau field tours packers 844x1024 - Lambeau Field

Stadium Tours at Lambeau Field



lambeau field admission prices 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Admission Prices for Lambeau Field Champions Tour


The next tour is called the Champions Tour and includes everything in the Classic Tour, plus views from the south end of the stadium. This is the tour we took and it did not disappoint. The Legendary Tour includes all opportunities from the Classic and Champions tours but also includes viewing areas on the west side of the stadium, the press box, and the visiting team locker room. At this time, the Packers’ locker room is not included on any of the tours.


lambeau field tunnel concrete sign packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Green Bay Packers Players Have Run Over This Concrete to Greatness



lambeau field tunnel concrete packers 1024x442 - Lambeau Field

Original Concrete Slab in Players’ Tunnel



lambeau field tunnel packers 680x1024 - Lambeau Field

Players’ Tunnel at Lambeau Field



lambeau field packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field



lambeau field packers 6 1024x768 - Lambeau Field

Bleachers at Lambeau Field



lambeau field suites 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Suites at Lambeau Field



lambeau field packers goal post 680x1024 - Lambeau Field

Goal Post at Lambeau Field



Packers Hall of Fame


The Packers Hall of Fame opened in 1967 in a different location and was moved to Lambeau Field in 2003 during a renovation. It is a 15,000 square feet and two-level facility and offers sports fans a look back at the Packers football team.

The last time we toured Lambeau Field, we didn’t tour the Hall of Fame. We are so glad we added the tour onto the Champions tour this time. It is a must do, especially if you are a die-hard Packers fan. You will get a green ‘G’ hand stamp, a map, and as much time as you need to explore the history of the Packers franchise.


lambeau field hall of fame sign packers 1024x754 - Lambeau Field

Hall of Fame Tour at Lambeau Field



lambeau field hall of fame map 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Map of the Hall of Fame Tour



lambeau field green bay packers hand stamp 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Green Bay Hand Stamp



‘The Field’ and the ‘Commitment Gallery’


In the Hall of Fame area known as ‘The Field’, there are several interactive activities. Kids and adults will enjoy this space and there are several neat photo opportunities. You can see how high you can jump, come head to head with a Packer, and see how you measure up to a Packers lineman.

In the ‘Commitment Gallery’, you can see what the Packers wore in their early days up to the present day. On display are relics from Hagemeister Brewing Co and Acme Packing Co. Also, you can read over the biographies of the Packers founding fathers and see the 1919 team lineup.


lambeau field stance packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Three-Point Stance



lambeau field dissected packers uniform 2 680x1024 - Lambeau Field

Packers Uniform



lambeau field uniforms packers 1024x768 - Lambeau Field

Packers Equipment Through the Years



lambeau field 1920 football shoes packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Early Packers Football Cleats



lambeau field 1920 football shoe packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

1920s Football Shoe



lambeau field leather helmet packers 680x1024 - Lambeau Field

1920s Leather Helmet in the Packers Hall of Fame



lambeau field acme packing bottles packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Acme Packing Stock Certificate and Hagemeister Bottles



lambeau field original packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Original Packers 1919


‘Community Gallery’


In the ‘Community Gallery’, you can learn about the origins of the Lambeau Leap, read about the Packers bicycle tradition, and hear what it would sound like to be at a game at Lambeau Field.


lambeau field packers lambeau leap 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

The Birth of the Lambeau Leap



‘Excellence Gallery’


The ‘Excellence Gallery’ and the ‘Championship Gallery’ are amazing. You will have a chance to really connect with the players and their successes as you walk through the galleries. Like constellations in the sky, some of the players are featured on the ceiling along with Lambeau and Lombardi quotes.

The 24 Packers who have been inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame are featured with lockers that hold their uniforms and memorabilia. Each locker has a movie clip that you can listen to by picking up the earpiece. We have a close family friend who knew Forrest Gregg (#75) before he became a Packer, so we were glad to see him featured in this room! The Hall of Fame Inductees are also commemorated with a football for each name.


lambeau field memorabilia lockers 3 packers 680x1024 - Lambeau Field

Memorabilia Lockers



lambeau field curly lambeau quote 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Curly Lambeau Quote



lambeau field hall of fame inductees 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Packers Hall of Fame Inductees



lambeau field memorabilia brett favre locker 768x1024 - Lambeau Field

Brett Favre Memorabilia Locker



lambeau field memorabilia lockers 2 packers 680x1024 - Lambeau Field



lambeau field memorabilia vince lombardi locker 768x1024 - Lambeau Field

Vince Lombardi Memorabilia Locker



lambeau field curly lambeau locker 508x1024 - Lambeau Field

Curly Lambeau Memorabilia Locker



‘Championship Gallery’


There is a very reverent feeling in the ‘Championship Gallery’ because there is so much history in this room. The Packers won 9 pre-Super Bowl NFL titles and 4 Super Bowl championships, and all of the trophies are in this room to see. In addition, Aaron Rodgers’ 2010 Super Bowl ring is on display. We love how the 4 Super Bowl trophies are featured.


lambeau field packers superbowl trophies 680x1024 - Lambeau Field

Packers Super Bowl Trophies



lambeau field packers superbowl trophy 768x1024 - Lambeau Field

Super Bowl Trophy 1968



lambeau field championship trophies 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Packers Championship Trophies



lambeau field aaron rodgers super bowl ring 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Aaron Rodgers’ 2010 Super Bowl Ring



Uniform Display


When you take the stairs, escalator or the elevator to the second floor, you will see this amazing display of uniforms from the past. Actually, this display can be viewed from both levels and the open staircase. We loved how each player is in a different pose with the years highlighted above. This is an awesome way to show the uniform changes throughout the years.


lambeau field packers uniforms 3 1024x799 - Lambeau Field

Packers Uniforms Through the Years



lambeau field packers uniforms early 1024x680 - Lambeau Field




lambeau field packers uniforms 1024x680 - Lambeau Field




lambeau field packers uniforms 2 1024x680 - Lambeau Field




lambeau field packers uniforms 4 1024x768 - Lambeau Field

Packers Stats



‘Resilience Room’


In the ‘Resilience Room’ are many different kinds of Packers memorabilia, old pictures, original football jerseys, and newspaper clippings. There were also several peepholes that let you peek into the past. These awesome pictures make you feel as if you are right there on the muddy field.


lambeau field keyhole picture football game packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Packers Game Through the Peephole



lambeau field keyhole picture packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Packers Game Through the Peephole



‘Love and Discipline Gallery’ and ‘Pride Gallery’


You can sit in a desk in the replica of Vince Lombardi’s office in the ‘Love and Discipline Gallery’. If you stay a while, you may just get a phone call!

In the ‘Pride Gallery’, you can see a plethora of Packers collectibles, including Aaron Rodgers’ 2011 MVP trophy and Charles Woodson’s and Donald Driver’s jerseys. Several TVs are playing different games. So, you can relax for a few minutes on a sofa while you watch a game. Towards the back of this gallery are two models commemorating the first two stadiums the Packers played in, Hagemeister Park and the Old City Stadium.



lambeau field lombardi office packers 1024x768 - Lambeau Field

Vince Lombardi’s Office Replica



lambeau field lombardi desk packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Answering the Phone at Vince’s Desk



lambeau field curly lambeau captain 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Curly Lambeau, First Team Captain



lambeau field sofa tv packers game 1024x680 - Lambeau Field



lambeau field aaron rodgers jerseys 680x1024 - Lambeau Field

Aaron Rodgers’ Jerseys and Uniforms



History of the Stadiums


The Packers played at Hagemeister Park from 1919-1922. When this stadium was torn down to make room for a new high school, the Packers moved to Bellevue Park for the 1923 and 1924 seasons. This stadium was lacking in facilities and too far out of town, so a new stadium, City Stadium was built in Green Bay. The Packers played here from 1925 – 1957 and won 6 of their 13 championships here.

The residents of Green Bay voted to build a new stadium to keep the Packers from being moved to Milwaukee. This new stadium was called New City Stadium and would eventually be named Lambeau Field after Curly Lambeau died in 1965. With the building of the New City Stadium, the arena the Packers played in for 32 years, City Stadium, became Old City Stadium.


lambeau field hagemeister park 1024x849 - Lambeau Field

1919 Hagemeister Park History



lambeau field hagemeister park model 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Hagemeister Park Replica



lambeau field old city stadium packers 1024x794 - Lambeau Field

1925 Old City Stadium History



lambeau field old city stadium model 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Old City Stadium Replica



lambeau field original team packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Early Packers Football Team



The Packers Pro Shop


The Packers Pro Shop is so much fun to look and shop through. It is located on the ground floor and has doubled in size after a 2013 renovation. To reach the atrium level to purchase tickets for tours, take the escalator up from the pro shop. On display in the middle of the store is a fully restored 1958 Chevy Packers truck carrying a load of cheesehead hats. There is something for everyone – men, women, kids, and pets. In this pro shop, you can find anything your Packers fan heart desires and then some!


lambeau field pro shop green lights packers 1024x393 - Lambeau Field

Packers Sign in Pro Shop



lambeau field pro shop green football packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Green Football in Pro Shop



lambeau field pro shop green truck packers cheesehead 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

1958 Chevy Pickup Truck in Pro Shop



lambeau field pro shop tailgating 680x1024 - Lambeau Field

History of Tailgating in Pro Shop



lambeau field pro shop home decor packers 680x1024 - Lambeau Field

Home Decor in Packers Pro Shop



lambeau field pro shop purses packers 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Purses in Packers Pro Shop



lambeau field pro shop glassware 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Glassware in Packers Pro Shop



lambeau field pro shop sign 680x1024 - Lambeau Field

Packers Sign in Pro Shop


If you are near Green Bay during your travels, you definitely need to take the time to tour through Lambeau Field. Certainly, just the history alone is worth your time. The Green Bay Packers is one of the NFL’s oldest teams and Lambeau Field is the oldest continually operating NFL stadium.

Any football fan will appreciate the amount of memorabilia and history on display, and if you are a Packers fan, well, you will be in heaven!

“There is no parallel in the way a small city like Green Bay has been able to remain a vital part of professional football’s big league – from the founding of the National Football League to the present. There is only one Green Bay. The story of the Packers stands alone.”  Vince Lombardi


lambeau field lombardi quote 1024x680 - Lambeau Field

Vince Lombardi Quote



lambeau field pro shop outside 4 packers 768x1024 - Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field